Colorado wedding

Three ways to ruin your Colorado wedding photography – and what to do instead

Colorado weddingColorado weddingIt’s easier than you may think to ruin your Colorado wedding photography. Which is honestly pretty scary! But think about it: after you get married, you have your new life partner, and you have your photos – that’s it. You don’t want to make these mistakes.

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Colorado wedding

colorado wedding tip one

You have a friend/cousin/uncle-twice-removed’s new girlfriend who has a nice camera. He/she/they really want to get into wedding photography. “They’ve taken some amazing senior photos/engagement photos/photos of zebras on their safari, and they’ve offered to be our artistic Colorado wedding photographer for free! Isn’t that amazing?!”

Look, I don’t know this person. It’s possible they’re an amazing Colorado wedding photographer! But I would be very concerned if a friend of mine told me this was their plan. You can read more in this post about free wedding photographers.

Colorado weddingColorado wedding

colorado wedding tip two

Don’t set aside any time on your wedding day for Colorado wedding photography. “Yes, I want those amazing candid photos, but I don’t need any time for formal shots. My Colorado wedding photographer will just capture the love!”

OK, yes. This is 50% on track – candid wedding photos are so beautiful and authentic and real. But they’re only part of the picture. Here’s the thing: you can’t guarantee you’ll have a beautiful, meaningful moment with all of your favorite people on your wedding day. It just goes SO fast. And one day, you will want that photo of you, your new husband or wife, and your grandmother. You just will. But don’t worry – there are ways to get those formal shots AND the candids with a little planning.

Colorado wedding

colorado wedding tip three

This is you: “I LOVE wedding photography and have a whole Pinterest board of shots I want to recreate! There’s like 50 or 89 or 304 pins on there – that’s OK, right?”

Look, this is your day, and your Colorado wedding photographer should be happy to serve you. And ultimately, if you decide to stick to the board, that’s cool.

Colorado wedding

But if you were my BFF, here’s what I would tell you: Pick two. Mayybe three. Here’s the thing – if you’re just crossing shots off a list all day and trying to recreate another photo, your wedding day will cease feeling like your wedding day and start feeling like a nine-hour photo shoot with all your friends and family there. 

Colorado wedding

You hired your artistic Colorado wedding photographer because you love their work and trust their vision, right? I promise, when they’re working from that place of creativity, they’ll create something much more Pin-able than the recreation of another Pin!

Colorado wedding

OK, now that you know what NOT to do, how about learning what TO do? Check out my post with three wedding photography tips here!

You guys, I always want to know if these tips are helpful. Please let me know in the comments – and feel free to share this post with someone who needs it!

Colorado wedding

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Not ready to reach out but want more help? That’s cool – you can check out my FAQ here. And if you haven’t grabbed my free guide, I promise it’s worth the clicks 😊

Colorado wedding 


  1. sarah F

    Lets just take a minute and talk about how incredible those rainy shots are… it rained at my wedding and I had nothing like that.. I would kill for images as epic as those!


  2. Jamie

    I definitely agree with the Pinterest comment– this is your day, pick a photographer you trust, make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to style, a few example images you love are great, but you definitely will miss out on authenticity beautiful moments if you’re trying to copy something else. Just be you and let them do their thing! ❤️


  3. Jamie

    I agree with the Pinterest thing! Great for getting on the same page when it comes to style, but ditch the recreations, in favor of documenting the uniqueness of the day ❤


  4. Marie Rood

    I love all the tips! I think brides need to have as much info as possible on their wedding day. Your imagery here is absolutely stunning!!!! I would kill to shoot alongside you!


  5. Jennifer M Outlaw

    These are some really great tips and some beautiful images to go with them. Everyone loves those candid shots, but setting aside time to take those formal shots is so important and they will treasure them forever. You are an amazing Colorado wedding photographer and any couple would be so lucky to have you document their wedding.


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