wedding photo tips for couples

3 Wedding Photography Tips For Couples – Artistic Colorado Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

Your wedding is almost here! Yes, there are a MILLION things to do between now and then, but it’ll all work out. Right? Right. One of those things is planning out your Denver wedding photography, so chances are you’re looking for some wedding photography tips for couples.

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

If you’re like me, you’re a little worried about getting your photos taken. Maybe you’ve seen a few episodes of America’s Next Top Model (or…umm every single episode of every single season), and you’re doing one of two things:

  • Telling yourself this is no big deal and you’ve totally got this (but deep down you’re feeling stressed), or
  • Wondering how you can get out this.

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

Either way, don’t worry! If you’ve hired a fab Denver wedding photographer, they will KNOW how to get you feeling relaxed and in love and totally unaware of the camera.

But still, there are things you can do and keep in mind to get comfortable in front of the camera. Here are some of my favorite wedding photography tips for couples:

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

3 wedding photography tips for couples:

Always push out your chin. Always.

Humans naturally pull their chins in when they’re relaxed and happy. And in real life, it just looks like you’re having a good time! But in photos, it hardly ever (maybe never?) looks good. So push her out! This is a habit thing, so you can start noticing now – when you’re concentrating or laughing or snuggling, does your chin fall back?

Wedding Photography Tips for CouplesSpace between your arm and your body.

Similar with your chin, when you’re not thinking about it, you smoosh your arm against your body. If you’re like me, you’re not necessarily trying to make your arm look wider. So just keep a little space between your arm and body!Wedding Photography Tips for CouplesWedding Photography Tips for Couples


I know this sounds incredibly narcissistic, but you don’t have to tell anyone, even your fiancé/fiancée. But stand in front of a mirror and practice. Move your face around to the right and the left, up and down. See what looks good to you – and what makes you feel confident!

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

What do you think, should I make these wedding photography tips for couples a two-parter? As an artistic Denver wedding photographer, I could do this allll day!!

Tell me in the comments, or contact me here – and don’t forget to pick up your FREE guide to hiring your Denver wedding photographer.

Happy Planning!

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

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