Denver prom dresses

#PROMSQUAD 2018 Prom and Homecoming Dresses – Artistic Colorado Wedding Photographers

Denver prom dressesWell, it’s already 2018 somehow, and if you’re working a few months out, that means it’s time to start thinking about the spring. While that’s very exciting, it’s also kind of weird since – as you know if you’re reading from the greater


Denver area – it hasn’t even been winter yet!! (Recent cold spell aside.)

Denver prom dressesI mean, I’m a warm weather lover anyway, so I’m not sure the lack of snow is really a BAD thing (I know, don’t hate me!). But it is strange.

Denver prom dressesRegardless of all that, it was so great to have some warm weather for this sweet and fun shoot I was honored to photograph for The Bridal Collection Occasions. The store and The Bridalista put this whole thing together. So, all I had to do was show up and shoot, which, let’s be honest, was super easy.

2018 prom dress ideas

Denver prom dresses Denver prom dresses Prom dresses 2018 Prom dresses 2018 Prom dresses 2018 Prom dresses 2018 Prom dresses 2018 Prom dresses 2018

Homecoming and prom dresses are so cute now! Ok so, I’m going to be real, I’m totally jealous. I would have loved to wear these kinds of dresses to dances when I was in high school. In fact, I was tempted to dig up some photos but I just couldn’t do it! Haha, one day I’ll post some.Prom dresses 2018

But seriously, these dresses are young and fun and actually really pretty. I mean, come on. Gorgeous!Prom dresses 2018

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the members of the #TBCsquad are beautiful and poised. 😊Prom dresses 2018

It was so fun getting to know these ladies a little bit and learn about their plans for the future.

Prom dresses 2018Plus, it’s always a blast working with friendors, old and new. If you’ve followed along on my blog and social media for a while, it’s no surprise I love The Bridal Collection – their store TBC Occasions did all the dresses! And, if you’re new here, you can see other TBC and Bridalista collabs here, and here, and here! I’ve also collaborated with amazing hair and makeup artist Shume at Peacock Vanity a few times, and she’s fab. Got to photograph Erin Ashley’s blooms for the first time, too! How cool are these floral chokers? They beat corsages any day.

Prom dresses 2018

OK, so now I want to hear from you. Are you missing the winter if you’re in Colorado? Were your homecoming and prom dresses this cute?Prom dresses 2018

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