Denver Wedding Gowns

You guys. I had the most incredible day on Saturday! I spent the whole day at The Bridal Collection. This beautiful store had a Sottero-Midgley Trunk Show, and the dresses were just amazing. I have to say though, they paled in comparison to the wedding dress stories I was able to witness and photograph.

Don't worry - that's not her dress! Don’t worry – that’s not her dress!

What are wedding dress stories? They’re the stories of how brides find their dresses. Every story I saw was different – some brides brought a huge group with chalk boards and champagne, some brides brought just their mama, and some brides came to find their dress solo.

Here’s the thing – I can’t really share some of the BEST photos.

These brides were purchasing their WEDDING DRESSES! And there’s no WAY I’m posting those.

But I hope you can still get a sense of the day – the emotions, the excitement – it’s kind of the moment that you BECOME a bride.

One thing that caught me off guard was just how emotional the day was. I saw so many moms, sisters, future mother-in-laws, and brides tear up, it really got to me, too! I kept it together, but it was just barely at times.

The other thing that blew me away was how wonderful the stylists there are! They were so knowledgeable about the designs, materials, silhouettes, price points – unreal. But moreso than just that, they were so kind and didn’t make any brides feel pressured into a purchasing a dress.

As an artistic Denver wedding photographer, I loved capturing these moments, and it gave me a renewed respect for the work that goes into finding the perfect dress. It’s been a minute since I got married, and I honestly forgot so much about the wedding planning process – including finding my wedding gown.

Cupcakes provided by the Makery! Cupcakes provided by the Makery!

Melissa Hirsch Photography is a Denver-based wedding photographer specializing in artistic, unique wedding photos in Colorado and worldwide.

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