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I’m so glad. If you’ve found my little space online, chances are you’re looking for artistic Denver wedding photography. If so, you’re in the right place! My name is Melissa, Artist and Owner of Melissa Hirsch Photography, and I love creating photos that are unique, artistic, and totally one-of-a kind in Denver, Colorado and Worldwide.

Please look around, and let me know if you have any questions or would like to get together! I would love to learn more about your Denver Colorado wedding, and would be SO honored to possibly photograph your day!

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 a yearning for one’s childhood, when the days would merge into one another and the passing of time was of no consequence. It is the sense of being loved in a way that will never come again. It is a unique experience of abandon. It is everything that words cannot capture.








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Melissa Hirsch Photography is proud to offer saudade, romantic, dramatic, and deeply authentic photographs in Denver, CO, and worldwide. Whether for wedding photography, family photography, or event photography, I bring the same desire to create images of my clients that do more than ‘capture’ or ‘document. I strive for my photos to reveal something true about you as an individual – not fit you into my ‘style’ or expectations of you. I always took art classes as a kid. I remember once taking and developing a black & white portrait of my childhood best friend in one of these rec center art classes. “There’s something about her in this photo,” my mother told me. Whether or not that was true (she was a little biased, after all), and even though I didn’t think about that comment for a decade, I’m very proud of the fact that it’s my #1 goal. It’s not about building a portfolio, it’s not about experimenting artistically. For me, photography is about creating photographs of you, about you, for you.

In five or ten years, I want you to feel sadaude when you look back on your photos. You’ll see that word all over my website. It may be a little esoteric and abstract, but hey, I was a philosopher, so what do you expect? What it means to me is that you’ll feel a longing of the days when the photograph was taken. You’ll be happy the photos exist and that you had the foresight to have them taken. You’ll remember how you felt and what was going on in that time of your life. You’ll sort of wish you could return to it, but you’ll moreso be happy it even happened at all. That’s who I have in mind when I shoot – your future self. Because of this mindset, I feel truly honored and quite humbled when my clients hire me. It is such a pleasure for me to create photographs for you. 

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