Birds and the Bees Pt II – Mothers of Boys

Mothers of Boys Denver

THE TALK. Not every parent’s, um, favorite topic of conversation. Thankfully, the Mothers of Boys are awesome and brought back sex therapist Auburn Meisner to talk with the group. Gotta say, one of my favorite things about being an artistic Denver wedding photographer is that I get to attend and witness all kinds of cool things I otherwise might not be able to!

Mothers of Boys Denver

But let’s back up a little bit. In case you’re not familiar, the Mothers of Boys (or the MoB), is a group of mothers. Of boys. Obviously. But, what might not be obvious is that all the members must have at least three boys and no girls.

Mothers of Boys Denver

These ladies have formed such an amazing community that’s all about support, education, and having fun. You can see some other events of theirs I’ve had the honor of photographing here, here, and here!

Onto their fab speaker, Auburn. Auburn visited the group last year and shared about sexual development. She couldn’t get too far because there was so much discussion! So, this month, she returned to the group to talk about THE TALK.

Mothers of Boys Denver

A couple tips she shared? One was to trap your kids. OK, that doesn’t sound great. But basically, a situation where they can’t run away (for example, in the car), is ideal. Genius, right?!

Mothers of Boys Denver

Another tip – Don’t have just ONE talk. Lots of little, ongoing talks makes things more manageable – and less intimidating – for both kids and parents.

Mothers of Boys Denver

While this stuff can be really sensitive, Auburn pointed out that it’s better for kids to learn from their parents. In the past, parents just had to worry about what other KIDS would say. But now, the Internet is the main way kids are learning about sex.

Thank you so much to the MoB for having me! I always learn something and I always laugh when I’m with you lovely women.

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