denver greece wedding

Denver to Greece Wedding Trip

denver greece weddingIf we’ve had the chance to sit down and talk, you probably know I love to travel. And if not, you can see my posts on my trips to London and Tokyo here and here.

Today I’m going to share all about my trip to Greece!

I went to Greece to photograph an amazing wedding (blog on that one coming). But today I’m just going to share about us being tourists 😊

denver greece wedding

We jumped around a little bit to three different locations:

denver greece wedding


We told our travel agent that we just wanted to eat, drink, walk around and see some cool stuff. So he recommended Idra. Idra is a popular weekend getaway spot for people in Europe. There’s not a single motorized vehicle on the whole island. If you can’t walk to where you’re going, you take a donkey.

denver greece wedding

Our favorite breakfasts were at our hotel in Idra. The eggs were amazing, the Greek yogurt was so different from the yogurt here. We just loved staying there.

denver greece wedding

denver greece wedding


Kalymnos was where the wedding was, but oh man did we get some time to relax and enjoy, too! Our hotel was right on the beach, so we got to go swimming in the Aegean. It. Was. Cold. But it always is. I loved it, but it was too cold for Kyle.

denver greece wedding

Kalymnos was where we had all the best food – from the rehearsal dinner, to the actual wedding, to the little café across the street, the food was just indescribable.

denver greece weddingdenver greece wedding


Last on our stop was Athens. We heard some stories that had us a little spooked regarding the safety of Athens, so we were a little careful. But honestly it wasn’t really necessary. We felt very safe the whole time we were there, and even went out at night. (Nothing crazy – just walked to the nearest ice cream spot!)

denver greece weddingdenver greece weddingBesides the amazing food and the natural beauty, the people were the best part of visiting Greece. People were so kind, accommodating, and happy to have Americans visiting – not all places are like that, so it definitely stands out when it happens.

denver greece wedding

I could definitely see us going back some day – but there are so many other places on our list, too.

denver greece weddingdenver greece wedding

Have you been to Greece? What did you love about it? Tell me in the comments.

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denver greece weddingdenver greece wedding


  1. amy

    Greece is totally on my short list of the next place I’d like to travel to and these photos make me want to move it to the very top. I love all of the colors and especially all of the rad graffiti. Looks like you had a super fun time!


  2. Alicia Yarrish

    I’m silly passionate about traveling too! Isn’t traveling for work the best? You’ve definitely added Greece to my list! Thanks so much for sharing- it looks like you had an amazing time in this beautiful country!


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