Free Denver Wedding Photography

FREE Denver Wedding Photography

Free Denver Wedding PhotographyThe average cost of a wedding is about 30,000.00 in Colorado. Like many Denver brides and grooms, you may think that’s a lot and your laid-back shindig won’t need to cost anywhere near that much. But, depending on where you are in your planning process, you may know this – even a laid-back wedding adds up quick. Your Denver wedding photographer is a part of that.


Free Denver Wedding Photography
From a wedding second shot for the amazing Kathryn Marble!


So, it’s no surprise that when you see a good deal for an artistic Denver wedding photographer, you check it out!

I’ve seen some Colorado wedding photographers that claim to offer FREE Denver wedding photography. Seems pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Free Denver Wedding Photography

Maybe you’ve seen these posts, too. Maybe you’ve even clicked! I get the temptation.

But I’m telling you, free photographers are NOT the way to save your budget.

Free Denver Wedding Photography

Here’s why:

  1. Free Denver wedding photographers are unreliable. They are less invested in showing up for your wedding than someone who has accepted fair payment for their work. Isn’t this true for you? When someone is paying you for your work, you feel more inspired to create work they will LOVE. On the other hand, if you’re doing something for free, you kind of phone it in sometimes. Is that just me? Lol I hope not.Free Denver Wedding Photography
  2. Free Denver wedding photographers are building their portfolios. They are not experienced enough to charge for their work, and likely don’t realize how difficult it is to photograph a wedding.Free Denver Wedding Photography
  3. Free Denver wedding photographers may be a scam. You guys, I get scam emails and texts and phone calls nearly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. There are people out there who are professionals at getting your personal info. I was three emails into a pug scam before I realized it back when we were looking for Scout! There are plenty of other scammers who target couples looking for a deal on their Denver wedding photography. Please please protect yourself and your future memories!Free Denver Wedding Photography
  4. You don’t know when/if you’ll get your photos back when you work with a free Denver wedding photographer. Here’s something a lot of photographers won’t tell you: editing can be tough on your soul in the beginning. There’s no getting around how much you have to learn when you’re going through those photos and deciding what to edit and deliver. And that can be a really tough pill to swallow – especially when someone else’s wedding memories are on the line. Denial is a powerful thing, and procrastination is her sister. But none of this will shake a professional. Your photographer should always be able to tell you when you can expect your photos.

Free Denver Wedding PhotographyFree Denver Wedding Photography

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, maybe I can get lucky!

I’ll be straight with you – absolutely might get lucky. Your cousin’s girlfriend or your uncle or that person you found on Craigslist just may be the diamond in the rough, and you could hit the jackpot!

But the other side of that coin is the risk you’re taking.

After your wedding, you have your new man or lady, you have your memories, and you have your photos. I’m telling you – you do NOT want to be six months out from your wedding stressed because you’re afraid you’re not getting any images.

Free Denver Wedding Photography

Now ultimately you know your budget best, and you know what you are able to spend. And trust me – I get it. Something’s got to give. I’m not saying ignore your budget – but I am saying that your Denver wedding photography may not be the place to skimp.

Free Denver Wedding Photography

No matter what you do for your wedding photography, I highly recommend you grab my FREE guide: Don’t hire your wedding photographer without asking these FIVE questions.

This guide will help you weed out the newbies and find someone you LOVE.

Or if you’d like to book me to photograph your wedding, click here!

Free Denver Wedding Photography

Free Denver Wedding Photography



      1. dadphotographer

        Cool to meet another Colorado photographer. I used to document weddings for about 10 years. Very fun and difficult all wrapped into one. Just recently stopped and happy I did. Kudos to you for being a wedding photographer. Its not for everyone.


  1. Sarah Holladay

    I know I may be biased as a photographer, but you hit the nail on the head! I’ve even had brides come to me after using one of the “free” offer and hating their experience! It’s so heartbreaking! Your wedding is one area you just can’t afford to play it safe… I loved the colorado photographer guide as well!


  2. Joshua Jones

    Very well said! I totally agree with you on that. I personally find it offensive that some people expect professionals to do things for free. We, professionals value our time and works which is why we are not doing it for FREE period!


  3. Laura Pearson

    I would have to agree. Although it is tempting to go with free or “cheap” wedding vendors you end up paying in the end. A wedding happens once and you want to make sure you have the beautiful authentic photos to remember every single minute.


  4. Sheen Andola

    It is so crucial to invest in photography and do the research! I am getting married this year and I would never leave my photography to cheap or free vendor! Such fantastic tips on finding Colorado photographers too! I wish I was getting married there!


  5. Minh

    Oh my goodness, that’s crazy! I would never entrust my wedding day to a free photographer. I know we all have to start somewhere, but I would want to hire a professional to capture such an important event.


  6. Aida

    Professional photography is such an important investment for a wedding. There are so many risks involved with taking a photographer for free. Thanks for informing people about these problems.


  7. Jennifer M Outlaw

    What a great article! Using professional vendors for such an important day as your wedding is the best tip anyone can get. The photography is the only thing you will have left after the wedding day so you definitely should not skimp on it.


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