Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

The truth about working from home

colorado photographerWorking as an Colorado wedding photographer means a lot of time working at home. Yes, I sometimes wear sweatpants. One of my pugs sits on my lap as I work. And yes, sometimes I’ll take a break to go grocery shopping or, um, watch some Netflix.

And all those things are honestly really wonderful sometimes.
But other times, they truly stink.

Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

The worst thing about working from home as a Colorado wedding photographer is how absolutely lonely it gets sometimes.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m definitely an introvert. Anyone else?! And I certainly look forward to my alone time. But sometimes, it just reaches that point where I’ve been staring at my pugs all day, and I’m like, “OK, I need to see some humans!”

Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

This is why I love getting together with my friends and other Colorado wedding photographers.

One of the greatest decisions I made last year was to join a book club – a Lady Boss book club. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I was able to meet my New Year’s resolution to read one book a month in 2017.

Moreso than just a way to cross a goal off my list, though, it’s been such a wonderful little community we’ve built! I always look forward to catching up, eating an amazing meal, and having a glass of wine…or three 😊

Another thing I’ll do is go to a coffee shop or the Beer Garden near my house to work as a Colorado wedding photographer. I know it’s kind of weird, but sometimes just being in the same room as a bunch of other people helps to feel a little more connected.

I’ll say overall this isn’t really an issue. Sometimes in the slower season I’ll have a couple days in a row without a meeting, but 9/10 times I’m ready for a sweatpants day when they arise!

Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

What do you think? Do you work from home? Does this ring true to you? Or is that just me?

Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

Photos by:

Alisha Light 

Erny Photo CO

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