denver wedding photographer

Ten Questions with a Denver Wedding Photographer

denver wedding photographerAs an artistic Denver wedding photographer, I get to hang a with a lot of cool vendor friends, or “friendors.”

I want you to get to know these lovely people, too, who I had the pleasure of photographing 😊

Each of them answered the fun little questionnaire and shared a little bit about themselves and their business!

(Also I will categorize all of these posts as “Ten Questions,” so click that to see all the friendors in one place.)

denver wedding photographer

First up is my friend Katy – a fellow Denver wedding photographer. (BTW, Katy had me along to shoot a wedding with her. It’s so much fun taking a step out of the driver’s seat sometimes! Photos from that wedding at Le Meridian are sprinkled throughout – Thank you for having me, Katy!) Here’s what she said:

denver wedding photographer

I’m Katy, a wedding and portrait photographer, based out of Denver, CO. My website is You can follow me at and


  1. Pantone color of the year – Pro or Con? PRO! I love purple 🙂
  2. Where were you born? Denver, CO
  3. What’s your earliest memory of attending a wedding? somewhat ironically, I remember pulling a gentleman’s expensive camera off of a window ledge and onto the floor, at my aunt’s wedding, when I was a child….needless to say, I got in BIG trouble 😉denver wedding photographer4.    When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I always teetered back and forth between a doctor and a teacher. Turns out, blood makes me queasy, so that was ruled out pretty quickly!

5.    Of all your usual daily tasks, what’s your favorite thing to do? I actually find doing laundry to be very therapeutic and calming.

denver wedding photographer

6.    What’s your least favorite thing to do? I do not like to put away clean dishes!

7.    What’s your favorite wedding trend? I love that weddings are becoming more personal, again. Couples are serving food and drinks that they love (even if they’re not fancy/trendy), wearing what THEY want to wear, inviting the people that mean the most to them, and bucking traditional trends left and right!

denver wedding photographer

8.    Pancakes or waffles? Waffles.

9.    Dogs or cats? Cats (shhhh. don’t tell my dog!)

10.   What’s #1 on your travel bucket list? I’d love to tour Italy.

Thanks so much for being on the blog, Katy!

denver wedding photographer


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