Mothers of Boys – JoAnn Holst – Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

Mothers of BoysGood morning, lovely people! Hope you’re having a fabulous day. Friday is looking a little cloudy, but it’s hard to care when you’re an artistic Denver wedding photographer!

Mothers of Boys

Yesterday, I got to photograph an event for one my favorite clients, the Mothers of Boys. Maybe you’ve seen some other posts about my work with them. You can see a few links here and here – but honestly there’s a ton all over my blog!

Mothers of Boys

The Mothers of Boys

The Mothers of Boys (or the MoB!) is a group of women who all have at least THREE boys, and no girls. This means they’re the only women in their homes. I grew up with two sisters and two brothers, so it’s hard for me to wrap my head around that!

Mothers of Boys

But when they come together for events, it’s all about education and support and community. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them for the past few years and see so many wonderful speakers and so many new members!

Yesterday, they had speaker and educator and money guru JoAnn Holst join the group to share some of her wisdom about money management. As she pointed out, women tend to be less educated about money than men – yet 90% of women end up being responsible for handling their family’s money!

Mothers of Boys

It’s also more important than ever to save for retirement – many jobs that used to offer pensions no longer do. As an example, her own father reached a point in his career where we was getting paid less to work than he would if he retired! Not so much these days. Especially when you’re an artistic Denver wedding photographer!

One of her stories still has me rattled. She worked at an investment firm where brokers in need of cash would simply trade their clients’ stocks so they could generate a commission fee. Yikes. That to me is so scary because there’s so little you as a consumer can DO about it.

Mothers of Boys

Anyway, so excited to share these photos and stories. What did you do yesterday? Tell me in the comments!

And, although I no longer offer event coverage to unreferred clients, I’m so excited to be booking weddings for 2018 + 2019! If you’re ready to book or just want to learn more, contact me today!

Mothers of Boys

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