Debra Fine at the MoB – Artistic Colorado Wedding Photographer

They say you can’t teach people how to form a connection – how to talk to others. And they say it’s something you’re either born with…or not.

But teaching you how to form meaningful relationships is exactly what Debra Fine teaches! (Check out her website here.)

Debra Fine travels the world sharing the secrets of connection in business, in friendship, and last week, she joined my very special clients, the MoB, to discuss talking with teenagers.

Mothers of Boys

What is the MoB, you ask?

Well, I’m glad you did! MoB stand for Mothers of Boys – one of my dearest and longest clients! This is an incredible group of women who meet throughout the school year to provide support, education, fun, and most of all – a community. This is an exclusive group – you must have at least three children, all of whom are boys.

So basically, these women are saints.

Anyway, back to last week’s event!

Debra Fine speaks and writes primarily about adult-to-adult communication. The first two books in her “Fine Art” series are:

“The Fine Art of the Big Talk”

How to Win Clients, Deliver Great Presentations and Solve Conflicts at Work


“The Fine Art of Small Talk”

How to Start a Conversation, Keep it Going, Build Rapport and Leave a Positive Impression

Fun fact: I’ve owned this one for a while – highly recommend for any and all introverts 😊

But for the Mothers of Boys (or the MoB sters), Debra Fine geared the conversation around kids. She wrote a relevant book for fun while raising her children:

“Beyond Texting”

From Debra’s website: “Beyond Texting is the first book for teens to explain how to be plugged in without neglecting the necessity and power of physical, human interaction.”

Especially with boys, this can be difficult. One piece of advice Debra shared was to do some kind of an activity – play Scrabble, go for a drive, prepare a meal. While girls sometimes share their feeling or thoughts more directly, boys may feel more comfortable if the conversation isn’t the point.

I don’t have kids, so I don’t know – you tell me in the comments – but this makes a lot of sense from an outside perspective!

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