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What I Really Think About Colorado Wedding Planners – An Open Letter from an Artistic Colorado Wedding Photographer

Dear Colorado Wedding Planners,

Denver Winter Wedding

I love you.

Your job is hard. You answer all the questions, and you’re the catch-all for any problems. And you balance bringing a vision to life with a budget with other vendors’ visions. You manage timelines and meltdowns and expectations. And you create something wonderful and magical.

Denver Winter Wedding

I’m not just blowing smoke here. I recently envisioned and planned an incredible styled shoot with so much help from amazing vendors. And let me say, there was no drama, no meltdowns, and no problems to speak of. Just amazing professional wedding vendors and logistics.


Denver Winter Wedding

Yes, this is the amazing Colorado Christmas wedding shoot you might have seen all over my Instagram and Facebook. But if not, don’t worry – they’re all over this very blog post!

Denver Winter Wedding

All things considered, this was an awesome shoot. We did it on a short timetable, and just before a major holiday. But because everyone worked so hard, it turned out beautifully.

I love working with people one-on-one – getting to know them and their dreams for their wedding photography – and making those dreams come true. But this Colorado wedding planner thing was a whole different deal!!

Denver Winter WeddingDenver Winter Wedding

My experience with this styled shoot has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into your world. And it totally opened my eyes.

Denver Winter Wedding

Colorado wedding planners, everyone depends on you.

Here’s the crazy part – this wasn’t even a real wedding! There was no real couple getting married. There were no guests. That responsibility on top of the logistics and details?!

Denver Winter Wedding

But you know what? I’m going to guess that’s what you love – making that couple’s dreams come true.

And I’m so glad you’re there to do it.

Denver Winter Wedding

THANK YOU for all your hard work. I hope you hear that a LOT!

Much love,


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  1. Megan

    I moved here in 2015 and found it pretty easy to break into the CO planning scene. I came from NYC where you deal with the wealthiest people, the most driven people, the most anal retentive people… I make soooo much more money here and deal with far less drama. It’s also an easy area to scope out everything.


    1. melissahirschphoto

      Hey Megan! Just love your perspective. Would you be interested in doing a little interview about the differences in the NYC and CO markets? I’d love to write a blog post featuring you!


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