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Swanky Fun Summer Party – Artistic Denver Event Photography

Our lives on this Earth are short and worthy of being cherished. As an artistic Denver event photographer, I know that to be true because I capture those cherished moments. Why then do we not find more reasons to celebrate? We need to give ourselves the time and opportunity to celebrate life in all its forms, and the beauty of just being alive. Besides, who even needs a reason for a party? That’s always been my philosophy.


I had the chance to photograph a lovely party this summer, and it was so much fun! The organizers called the gathering: “We’re having a party…we’ll think of a reason later!” Is that not the best attitude to have? Artistic Denver event photography has never been quite so fun and easy!

The party was a great time, with people of all ages in attendance. There was music, dancing, drinking, and general merriment. Cocktail hour turned into dinner, which turned into the full-blown dance-floor mania. Before all of that, though, and before the guests arrived, I had a chance to capture the artistic and elegant flower arrangements provided by Newberry Brothers. Not only was every table decked out with a beautiful, flowing centerpiece, but there were also flowers hanging from the ceiling! Yellow flowers mixed with green vines stemmed down from the top of the tent and down to the height of the guests. It was quite a sight to see, and even more enjoyable to create artistic Denver event photographs!

The true beauty of this party was the focus on the present. What mattered weren’t necessarily the memories, but in fact the guests having a good time was all that mattered. It was free and easy to vibe with, and I absolutely loved it. Totally inspired me to throw a party of my own SOON!

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