Winter Engagement Sessions: Are they worth it?! Top FIVE considerations – Artistic Colorado Wedding Photographers

If you live in Colorado, you know how amazing our winters are. Yes, of course it gets quite cold (not so far this year, though!), but the sun is never more than 24 hours away (even that might be a stretch).

As far as engagement photos go, this means we’re in a rare and special position of getting some beautiful winter engagement photos – without freezing TOO badly.

Another pro? Even though I’m a summer-loving girl myself, I can’t deny the beauty of those snow-capped mountains. I know this word gets over-used (I’m a big time offender myself), but they’re truly awesome.

But still, they’re very different from summer, fall, or even spring sessions. So, I wanted to offer my top five things to consider when planning your winter engagement sessions.


1.       It’s gonna be cold. This may seem like an obvious one, but It’s worth mentioning! Here’s the thing, snowy photos often look sweet and cozy and happy – especially when you hire a high quality photographer. But even with the mild Colorado winters, it could still be uncomfortable out there!

2.       Layers are your friend. Keep a coat (or two…or three….) nearby for the moment you’re done shooting. Don’t bring your nicest coats – bring coats you don’t mind throwing on the ground, so you can launch them as soon as your in your place and ready to smile.

3.       Bring the right footwear. I know heels are cute, but they’re not going to work for getting in between locations! If you want to wear cute shoes for your photos, think about bringing a pair of very warm boots that are easy to slip on and off between shots. Again, these should be boots you don’t mind throwing 😀

4.       Be strategic about your location. You don’t want to stray TOO far from your car, unless you’re super tough and the cold doesn’t bother you. (NOT me, haha.) So, you’ll want to find a spot with pretty views near the parking lot. This could be tricky, but your artistic Colorado wedding photographer should be able to help you!

5.       You’ll want a backup date. It’s a little tough to schedule a Colorado winter engagement session because the weather is so unpredictable. It seems like when you don’t want snow, you get it. And when you do, you don’t. Many photographers can accommodate a backup date this time of year because sessions slow down after the holidays.

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