Five Reasons to Get Married in Denver – Rather than the Mountains!

You’re engaged! Congrats! Now, it’s time to make some decisions. Choice #1? Location!

If you’re in Colorado and getting married, you’ve without a doubt heard this line of reasoning:

“What’s the point of getting married in Denver if you’re so close to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world?!”

I get it for sure. The beauty of the Rockies is deep, undeniable, and overwhelming. But that means nothing!

…at least when it comes to a wedding.

So, here are my top FIVE reasons to have your Colorado wedding in Denver.

1.       Convenience for guests: Want your venue to be close to your guests’ hotel? Want to offer them several options for hotels? Want them to have access to the best restaurants and entertainment Colorado has to offer with the flexibility to travel to the mountains if they’d like? Denver has all of this and more! It has the convenience of a city, but the access to the relaxing mountains your guests will LOVE.

2.       Planning convenience: No travel fees. Meet five photographers in one day. Visit 10 venues and don’t pay a cent for a hotel or Airbnb. Need I go on? This is just an easy way to reduce your stress!

3.       Unique: If most people are getting married in the mountains, your glam downtown Denver wedding is going to stand out like a bedazzled thumb. And there are so many more options to make a space your own!

4.       Mountains in the distance: Here’s a little known fact: It’s hard to see the mountains when you’re in them! I know I’m guilty of taking the mountains for granted, but every time we have an out of town visitor stay with us in Denver, they’re amazed at the mountains in the distance. Unless you’re at the top of a 14er, the views are better from far away!

5.       Wow your out of town guests: Let’s be honest, outside of the Southwest and Midwest, people have no idea what Denver is about. They think we’re operating on a different level, and don’t get that we can throw down with the best of the major cities in the US! Those misguided expectations can really work in your favor. You can blow them away with how awesome we are in Denver. So much more history, charm, and glam than they even know!

Here’s the other thing – so many of my clients who have downtown weddings opt for a mountain engagement. This is the best of both worlds. You don’t have to be married in the mountains to make them a part of your day!

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