How to find your wedding style – simple self reflection

How to determine your wedding style

I remember when I was planning my wedding. There was tons of inspo organized by ‘style’. STYLE. Here’s the thing – I was 23 when I planned my wedding, and I’m a firm believer that you know your style as well as you know yourself. And, at age 23, I just hadn’t been around long enough to know my style.

Now don’t get me wrong – I have just the best memories from my wedding day. But I’ll be honest with you, I would do things differently now that I have a better understanding of my style: a mix of rebellious (torn jeans and black top is my uniform), girly glam, and classic.

So let’s say you’re not quite sure about your wedding style. Are all these resources pointless?! No!

Here are some tips on how to figure out your wedding style.

1.       Don’t ask why: While you’re browsing bridal magazines and the black hole that is the Internet, do you find things you LOVE? That’s great! Now don’t ask why! Turn that brain off and move on as best as you can. I know an interior designer that once said everything will come together as long as it has one thing in common: You love everything involved. This is also the Marie Kondo approach – does each element give you a spark of joy? Then you will love your day!

2.       Don’t second guess: Closely related to #1 – once you’ve made a decision, move on! Unless you HATE what you’ve decided, it’s really going to be beautiful. You loved it enough at the time to say ‘yes’ – trust that instinct! Your heart knows!

3.       Trust professionals: Hire a vendor whose work you LOVE. I’m thinking specifically about a wedding planner here, since they design and organize your entire event. But, truth be told, it could probably be any wedding professional who truly speaks to you. That wedding pro you love is likely connected to others who are similarly-minded and who can help guide you.

4.       Browse wedding inspo by yourself or with your partner. Slowly. See what you like without the influence of other people’s opinions. Only ask for input when you want it, and understand that WHEN you ask for input, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to listen to it. Take it with a grain of salt, and follow your own heart! #CheesyButTrue

Remember, this is YOUR day. So many loving, caring, generous couples want the people around them to feel comfortable and support their wedding choices. While that may be an important part of who you are, don’t forget to make space for your own desires and wishes on your wedding day, too!

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