My Four Favorite Things about Family Photography at Home – Artistic Colorado Wedding Photographer

It’s not often that I photograph families at home. But when I do, the families are adorable and sweet and kind.

In home sessions are so fun. Here are some of my favorite things about them:

1.       They’re much more photojournalistic or candid in nature. It’s more about capturing you naturally in your own environment instead of a studio or outdoor location. These are my favorite kinds of shots to capture as an artistic Colorado wedding photographer, too!

2.       You get to be comfortable. You’re in your home turf, so you and your family get to be at ease.

3.       No travel. As if getting coordinated and ready isn’t challenging enough, an out of home session can mean battling Denver traffic to a new location on top of it.

4.       Wardrobe options. You’re home…so you have access to your entire wardrobe if you want to make a quick change!

5.       They’re weather-proof! Colorado isn’t exactly known for having predictable and reliable weather patterns, so it’s nice to KNOW the weather won’t cause you to reschedule your photo session.

Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting in studio or on location outdoors. There are undeniable benefits to all those settings. These are just a few of my faves to in home sessions specifically.

Another reason that Brittany and Adam decided to do their photography session at home? They’re moving soon, and wanted photos of their first home together.

For their session, we also ventured outside to Cheesman Park – one of their favorite places AND the location of their wedding.

Sometimes as an artistic Colorado wedding photographer, you take photos that you know anyone would love without knowing any of the details behind the photo. Other times, you take photos you know most people wouldn’t understand – and maybe not even like – because they require a back story to really have meaning.

Yes, I love doing both, but there’s something really special about the latter.

Here is one such photo. Brittany and Adam were married under a Chuppah with paper cranes hanging down around them. After the wedding, they saved the cranes, so we incorporated them into some photos. I just love all of their hands in this frame. And I got to channel my artistic Colorado wedding photography skills!

Thank you so much to both of these families who allowed me to photograph them!

If you’re interested in booking your own in-home session, contact me today!

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