Mothers of Boys – Artistic Denver Wedding Photography

When Bad Things Happen to Good People – Mothers of Boys – Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

In addition to working as an artistic Denver wedding photographer and an artistic Denver family photographer, I also cover a lot of events.

Some of my clients have me back for multiple events over the course of the year, and one of those organizations is the wonderful Mothers of Boys.

This is a group that’s exclusive: you have to be a mom of at least three boys and no girls to be a member. But once you’re in, you have access to amazing speakers, resources, and a community of supportive boy-moms who have seen it all, done it all, and are happy to help.

It’s really a fab group, and they always have an interesting new speaker who is an expert in their field.

For their most recent event, they had a couple of attorneys, David Ganderton and Michael Frederick, who discussed legal issues adolescent boys can face today.

It’s so crazy the threats out there these days. (YES I FEEL OLD WRITING THAT.) But when I was growing up, there was AIM and Nokia phones. Texting just started to be a thing when I was a senior in high school. (TECHNOLOGY IMPROVES VERY QUICKLY.)

But my point is that there was a certain limit to the trouble we could get into. With apps and secret apps and constant access to social media…trouble is never too far away!

So it was so helpful when David and Michael shared their legal perspective. The biggest takeaway?

“Send” is forever.

Our phones keep a record of everything, which could be scary as an adult, but think about the nonsense you got into when you were a teenager!

That’s one thing I love as an Artistic Denver wedding photographer – I’m always learning new things. It’s too cool getting access to talks and educational events that I otherwise would probably never see!

Even though I LOVE Artistic Denver Wedding photography, I also love photographing events like this, too. 😀

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