Colorado Gives: Mothers of Boys + Kidsgiving365 – Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite longtime clients is the Mothers of Boys – a group of moms in Denver who have at least three boys and no girls.

In addition to sharing support, resources, and bringing in wonderful speakers, the Mothers of Boys do service every year.

The MoB! The MoB!

This year, several MoB members adopted families for the holidays through Kidsgiving: an organization that partners families in need with adoptive families who provide clothes, toys, and other gifts.

It was really an incredible experience to give back with these organizations as an artistic Denver wedding photographer.

It was an undeniably intense day: families waiting with gifts, families waiting for their adoptive families, music, face painting, lessons in asking for help and lessons in giving.

Many families receiving gifts opened one or more of their presents in front of their adoptive families, which was also quite intense and beautiful.

One exchange was particularly emotional for me. A kid in high school was opening his present, and once he realized what it was, his face totally transformed. A family member next to him had the same reaction. They were totally blown away by whatever was in the box. I was photographing all of this, wondering what was in there, and then I saw it:

It was a camera.

I shot the reactions as long as I could, until I just felt too emotional to continue.

All I could think was,

“My first camera changed my life.”

I was taking a minute to compose myself when MoB founders Sandi and Eileen came over. “Are you ok?”

I totally lost it!

Even though I work primarily as an artistic Denver wedding photographer, I love photographing events, too. Especially events like this, full of love, laughter, and holiday spirit.

Thanks so much to Mothers of Boys and Kidsgiving 365 for a day many people will never forget.

Melissa Hirsch is an artistic Denver wedding photographer based in Colorado.

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