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5 Surprising Facts About Working From Home – And 3 Bonus Tips for Supporting the Home-Workers in Your Life – Artistic Denver Wedding Photography

When I meet new people who work in an office and they find out what I do – and that I work from home – I get basically the same response:

“Oh my gosh, that’s SO nice.”

And honestly, they’re kinda right! It IS. If I don’t have any meetings or shoots, I can wear sweatpants and skip the makeup.

I’ve worked in offices (I was the editor of national magazine), in homes (I was a nanny), and at my home (as an Artistic Denver wedding photographer). I remember when I got a day to work from home during my office days, I was like,

“This. Is. The. Best.”

But you know, it’s human nature. As soon as you get something you want, you get used to it, and then you want something else. You start to miss elements of what you had before.

After working from home for the past year and a half as an artistic Denver wedding photographer, I’ve put together some surprising things about working from home.

So, here are some facts about working from home that you may not know.

1.       You forget to eat. Seriously. I love just rolling out of bed, taking the dogs for a walk, making a coffee, and getting to work. I put my head down and answer emails, write, edit, and do whatever else needs to get done. I will work for several hours before I look up at the clock and realize it’s lunchtime. This isn’t the best habit, but it happens ALL. THE. TIME.

2.       You’re still working! Yes, you sometimes get to wear sweatpants and don’t have to put on makeup. (Let’s be real – most days I put on makeup anyway #extra.) But you’re still working all day! In fact, BECAUSE I work at home, I oftentimes struggle to put down my work to relax. I always wanting to just cross one more thing off my list. My husband can totally vouch for this.

3.       Sometimes you say ‘forget it.’ If I don’t have a meeting and I’m caught up on editing and emails, I will some days just say ‘forget it’ and watch Netflix and hang with the dogs. I usually work all weekend as an Artistic Denver wedding photographer, so always try to take a day off during the week – even if I don’t always plan it ahead of time!

4.       There really aren’t that many days you’re at home all day long. At least for me, being an artistic Denver wedding photographer means I’m constantly out of the house shooting, running errands, going to meetings, and more. Those ‘sweatpants days’ are really pretty limited – maybe one a week.

5.       It gets lonely! Most days I have at least one meeting or shoot outside my home, but on days when I don’t, it gets super lonely. Sometimes I’ll go to a coffee shop (or beer garden) just to be around other humans (no hate towards my puppies! I hope they don’t read this. That would be awkward.)

How to support the home-workers in your life

1.       Don’t assume things are easy! Yes, I’ve worked in an office and there are absolutely special kinds of frustrations and obstacles in that kind of work. BUT the same is true of people who work at home.

2.       Notice if you think their job is less real. While I often feel a lot of respect for my work as an artistic Denver wedding photographer, sometimes I get the vibe that people think it’s kinda less valid than an office job.

3.       Cut them some slack if they can’t hang out. I know it seems like they have all the time in the world, but you’d be surprised how the day flies by!

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