Wedding Dress Stories Part II: TBC Martina Liana Sneak Peek – Artistic Denver Wedding Photographer

You guys, I’m kinda addicted to Wedding Dress Stories, as I’ve started thinking of them. As anyone who has binge-watched Say Yes to the Dress knows, finding your wedding dress can be an emotional journey. There’s the second-place gown, the ‘HECK NO.’ And the ‘OMG, I NEVER would have thought I’d like this!’ And of course: “…this is the one.” If you’re me, a diehard romantic and an artistic Denver wedding photographer, that’s when you cue the tears.

When I watched Say Yes, I always thought, “Ya know, someone should photograph these wedding dress stories.”

I got to do just that several weeks ago during The Bridal Collection’s Sottero and Midgley trunk show, and I definitely fell in love. (You can read all about that event HERE.)

The support, the friendship, the pretty dresses (yes, I’m a total girl at heart). It’s a wonderful day when a bride finds HER gown. And as an artistic Denver wedding photographer, I just LOVE getting different angles and photographing all those emotional moments.

So, when TBC invited me back again for their Martina Liana Sneak Peek, I said YES to those dresses. (See what I did there? Only slightly embarrassed by that super cheesy joke!)

When you need to facetime for a second opinion!  When you need to facetime for a second opinion!

Have you ever been to a sneak peek before? I never had, even though as an artistic Denver wedding photographer I have photographed a LOT of jaw-dropping gowns.

Here’s how they work:

A designer creates a collection of dresses. They aren’t yet mass produced – before they start production, they want to make sure brides actually like them! So, the release them in a select number of stores. (The awesome ones, like TBC.)

This is so cool for brides, because they get the opportunity to purchase a dress NO ONE in their area could possibly have yet. So unique.

Here’s the thing: the dresses are top secret! No photos allowed. You just had to be there to see them. How cool is that? As an artistic Denver wedding photographer, it was hard to resist, but I did it!

What do you think? Would you have your wedding dress story photographed?

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