Thanksgiving Extended Family Sessions in Denver

It’s crazy, but every year I become more and more aware of the importance of family photos. I know printing is out of fashion as digital images become more and more prevalent, but oh my goodness, I have such fond memories of looking through old photo albums.

And you know how often you come across portraits of an entire family? I’ll be honest, it’s not very often. In my family, there are maybe a handful.

This is why, even though formal photos take time away from Denver weddings and holiday festivities, I really believe in their importance. Life goes SO quickly, and you have to honor the family you have!

How often is your WHOLE family together? Every month? Every week? Or less often – is it more like a few times a year?

With families living far and wide, and travel never being more accessible, for many families, holidays are the one time of year everyone is under one roof.

And as far as holidays go, isn’t Thanksgiving the best? Having a big meal with everyone you love? Can’t beat that!

This year, I’ll be away for Christmas and New Year to spend time with my own family, but I am so excited to share that over Thanksgiving, I’ll be in Denver and accepting a (VERY) small number of extended family photo sessions to commemorate those times where everyone is together.

Here are all the details:

On-Location Extended Family Sessions

–          Up to 45 minutes shooting

–          Mix of posed and candid photos

–          ANY number of family members

–          All hi-res images


Only TWO sessions available!

November 22nd, 3pm

November 25th, 3pm

It would be SUCH an honor to photograph your family! I can come to your home, or we can find a lovely park nearby.

Melissa Hirsch Photography is a wedding photography studio that specialized in authentic, unique, artistic wedding photographs in Denver and worldwide.

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