My First Denver Photo Job

Maybe you don’t know how I came to be a professional Denver wedding photographer.

I learned on a film camera – the same camera my husband used when he was in high school, taking a photography class.

I loved it. I bought film with every dollar I had to spare. Kyle and I were just married, and he was in school, so spending money on film was perhaps not the most practical option. But still, somehow I managed to shoot and develop several rolls before I saved up to buy my first digital camera.

Many people entrusted me to take their photos as I was just starting and only charging enough to cover my gas to the location – and I’m so grateful for that! But I consider my FIRST gig to be a hair show put on by my amazing hair stylist and friend, Misty.

I pulled these photos DEEP from the archives – so please be nice! Truth be told, I’m a little self-conscious about sharing them!

Misty is now at Indulgence A Salon in downtown Littleton, but at the time she was working at a salon in Cherry Creek called Asteria. They organized a fashion and hair show to benefit Transitions Global – an organization committed to empowering young women transitioning out of a life of sex slavery, aged 13-18. You can learn more about Transitions here.

I was so touched that Misty invited me to come along to photograph the event. I was nervous and excited to document the show, and I thought all my photos were so unique and artistic.

It’s funny – I’m still so proud of that work, but I’ve learned and grown SO MUCH. About lighting, about composition, about creating unique, artistic, authentic photos in Denver and worldwide, about creating interaction.

But, man, was it an incredible learning opportunity. The energy and excitement of the day – being around all the artists and models working together to bring a vision to life – it was intoxicating and exciting.

What’s changed in your work since your first job? What are the most important lessons you’ve learned?

Melissa Hirsch Photograph is a Denver-based wedding photographer available worldwide, specializing in artistic unique wedding photos.

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