Kristal and Reuben’s Vow Renewal Elopement

Kristal found me on Facebook while looking for a photographer for her 10-year anniversary vow renewal elopement. They were planning a trip to Boulder and Denver, including a Red Rocks concert, and were taking the opportunity to renew their commitment to each other.

How lovely and romantic is that? Here’s the thing – weddings are amazing, once-in-a-lifetime events. And that’s great. But a wedding doesn’t make a marriage. There’s so much excitement and planning leading up to the wedding, you sometimes can’t help but wonder – what about what comes next?

Look at every fairtytale you know by heart. The excitement is all before they live ‘happily ever after.’ That’s when the fairytale ends. But not in real life! The wedding is the beginning of your life together in some ways. It’s the beginning of your lifelong journey together.

Doing things to nourish your marriage – foster it, encourage it, take care of it – is so important, and not as prominent in our culture.

(As more millennials get married, I suspect that will change. Doing things to express love and appreciation for your spouse, rather than the tired ‘ball and chain’ mentality, will become mainstream. After all, marriage has changed immensely from the not so recent past, where women married men for security and status. All in all, this is not the millennial way! What’s so great about sharing a life with someone you dislike? Nothing.)

Kristal and Reuban wanted to renew their vows in a spot with gorgeous Colorado views, and we found the perfect spot. Hardly anyone was there, and they were free to read the vows they had written for each other surrounded by nature.

Artistic, unique, emotional wedding photography is what I’m passionate about – whether it’s a glamorous city wedding or an intimate Colorado elopement! Thank you, Kristal and Reuben for trusting me to photograph your vow renewal!

Melissa Hirsch Photography specializes in creating unique, artistic, photojournalistic Denver wedding photos, both in Colorado and worldwide.

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