Personal Branding Photos are the New Head Shots

Head shots are so boring! Seriously. They’re like grown-up yearbook photos. They’re a picture of your face.*

If you’re looking for professional, artistic photos that express your personality locally, search for ‘Denver personal branding photos’ instead of ‘Denver head shots.’

These photos are more relaxed, but still professional. They can be outside, on-location rather than in the studio. We can quickly and easily create looks of varying serious-ness but swapping jackets, ties, scarves, etc.

The trick to head shots or personal branding shots you love in Denver is to pick a favorite spot, and let your personality shine through – with your wardrobe, location, and expression, and experienced photographer will know how to bring these elements together to create photos you love and believe in – not just a super standard shot for LinkedIn!

I have to say, I think this is the way to go in Denver. In other places? I’m not sure. I think being approachable and easy to work with in Colorado goes a very long way, while in other places, being aloof and very traditional is more important.

I had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful members of Trulife Studios recently – so cool getting to know these incredible Denver wedding vendors better and creating some personal branding shots they’ll hopefully be able to use for a long time!

In case you haven’t heard of Trulife or we haven’t met at my beautiful shared office space, Trulife is a group of some of the best wedding vendors in Colorado with locations in Denver and Colorado Springs. Everything you need to plan your wedding, from stationary to flowers to cakes to planners to photographers, and more.

Also got to photograph Jason, a residential real estate agent at Keller Williams. Love working downtown to show off Denver’s underrated (at least in my opnion!) city vibes.

*Ok, ok. Not all head shots. Some are really wonderful! But I’m talking about those stuffy, super posed head shots.

Melissa Hirsch Photography specializes in creating unique, artistic photography in Denver, Colorado and worldwide. Melissa Hirsch photographs people.


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